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Legal and Technical Documents

Fields and Languages of Translation

Languages of translation

We provide translations in English, German and Czech. For these languages, we can guarantee proper terminology and linguistic accuracy.

Legal translations into Czech

Legal translations into English/German

Examples of documents for translation:

  • Purchase agreement, lease agreement, contract of employment, memorandum of association
  • Indictment, court decision, judgment, request
  • Laws, decrees, regulations
  • Power of attorney, affidavit, notarial deed, certificate
  • Civil and commercial law
  • Terms and conditions, articles of association, minutes of meetings, etc.

Technical translations into Czech

Technical translations into English/German

Examples of fields and documents for translation:

  • Machine- engineering industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Food industry
  • Technical data sheets, safety data sheets
  • User manuals, technical manuals
  • Patents

Certified translations into Czech

Certified translations into English/German

Examples of documents for translation:

  • Criminal record check, police certificate, extract from the commercial and trade register
  • Extract from the land registry
  • School-leaving certificate, secondary school diploma, certificate of apprenticeship, university diploma
  • Birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate
  • Insurance policy and claims history
  • CE certificate and certificate of conformity
  • Expert’s opinion etc.