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Legislation regulating the activities of certified translators and interpreters

The conditions for performing the activities of a certified translator/interpreter are stipulated by Act No. 354/2019 Coll. on certified interpreters and certified translators, as amended, by Decree No. 506/2020 Coll. on performing the interpreting and translating services and by Decree No. 507/2020 Coll. on the remuneration and compensation of a certified translator/interpreter.

What are the requirements of a certified translation?

Registered certified translators certify a translation by printing a translator’s certification and imprinting the translator’s round seal with the state coat of arms under their translation. Then they attach the translation to the translated document. You will submit documents so attached to the authority.

Translator’s certification

The certified translator’s certification confirms that the undersigned translator is registered in the list of translators of the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic and certifies that the translation made by the certified translator is true and correct.

Shall I submit an original deed, a notarized copy or a plain copy of the document?

Whether the certified translation is attached to an original document (sometimes bearing an Apostille/Superlegalization), a certified copy or a plain copy of the document is decided by the authority to which you shall submit the translation with the certified translator's certification (the certified translation).


The authority requests certified translation in paper format

If you need to submit certified translation of your official documents in paper format, please deliver the documents to our address in person or send them by registered mail. According to the requirements of the authority requesting the translation, the document for translation shall be:

a/ an original instrument
b/ a certified/notarized copy of the original instrument
c/ a plain copy of the original instrument

The certified translation (sworn translation, official translation) will be stapled to the delivered instrument and you will then submit it as a single document bound together.

You wish to send the document for translation by registered mail

Always enclose a written order in the envelope with the precise specification of your request (target language, country of destination, desired delivery date) and full contact details (address, phone, email). If you have had an online translation quote prepared, you can print it out and enclose it in the envelope.

We will not be able to process your order without the above information.

How much does a certified translation cost?

We will make you a price and delivery time quote for all the documents to be translated.